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UPDATE: Upcoming Projects

Well, I can finally say I'm a published author!

The launch of my debut novel, Angelic Anarchy, went very well. I've received a lot of great feedback. Thank you to those who have left reviews -- and to those of you who haven't, please do so if you get the chance. You have no idea how greatly reviews help authors, especially newer authors like myself. Reviews have been better than expected, and a lot of the criticism has highlighted areas of weakness in my writing. I believe that insight is really going to help me evolve my skills. I'm sure there are minor kinks in Book 1 that I need to iron out, but for now I can happily move on to my next planned projects.

That said, I wanted to give you an update on tentative projects and schedules:

- Beautiful Betrayal (Book 2 of the Heaven on Earth Series) - On schedule for a February 2017 release. I would love to get it out to you in January but that's kind of pushing it as I'm a working mom. At the very latest it should be out by March. Wait until you see the cover, I just love it! Hint Hint...We'll see some familiar characters--some of our favorite angels and maybe a favorite villain or two?!?

- Secret Title (Book 1 of...A new series I can't wait to release) - Withholding all details on this upcoming series for now. Sorry...but what I will say is that I cannot wait to get this out to you. All new world, all new characters, all new romance... :-) This one is on the schedule for a Summer 2017 release.

- Secret Title (Book 3 of the Heaven on Earth Series) - Sorry, no hints this time. Hoping for a Late 2017 release.

- Secret Title (Book 2 of...A new series I can't wait to release) - Pushing for an Early 2018 release.

- Secret Title (Book 4 of the Heaven on Earth Series) - Aiming for release during Summer 2018.

- Secret Title (Book 1 of...Spin-off of Heaven on Earth Series) - Just a little teaser here but this will be a spin-off series with two characters from Heaven on Earth that I loved dearly. Here's a hint...One of them is Lorileigh! excited to get this one going. Aiming for an Late 2018 release.

Well, those are my goals at this point. Obviously, life sometimes happens and schedules get rearranged but for now we are on track. I hope you're excited as I am. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on Angelic Anarchy!

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