• JP Epperson

A Boring Personal Update....

I've been a bit MIA for a while but things are finally settling down. I was getting burnt out at work the last six months--yes, sadly the revenue from my one published novel was not enough to allow me to live like queen as I had so hoped.

My commute from work was excruciating--two hours in traffic on the way there & two hours back (at least) ...Monday through Friday for the last 2 years!!! I couldn't take it anymore. I dropped my hours down to four days a week in August in the hopes it would help but frankly...that much traffic a day was too much even only 1 day a week. Four hours of Atlanta traffic meant unnecessary time away from my husband, from my children, and from writing. It was just time wasted period…

Relief finally came in December when I received the opportunity to work for an amazing organization. The best part being that my new position allows me to work from home. Which in turn allows me to have more time with my family and more time to focus on writing.

I need to play a bit of catch up but I should be able to get back on track as far as my upcoming projects and publishing goals are concerned.

I've got a few things in the works. The new website will go live tomorrow. Angelic Anarchy is headed for tour again soon. Then I'll be preparing to launch Book 2, Beautiful Betrayal in April. So, here's to a brand-new year!


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