• JP Epperson

Cover Reveal: Coming June 6th!

I cannot wait to share my cover art with everyone. Every day we get a little closer to the reveal and every day I get a little more nervous about the big day. It took me so long to get to this point and now time seems to be speeding towards my publishing date. In just three weeks we begin the editing process. In 8 weeks, we have the cover reveal and three months from that date is the release date for Angelic Anarchy!

I've been adding some last-minute changes to Angelic Anarchy before I hand it over to my awesome editor Kat of KT Editorial Services. I’m so excited to see her polish it up and have the final draft in my hand. Once I hand over the manuscript of Book 1 to Kat Book 2 will resume its place at the top of my calendar. I'm looking forward to adding some new characters to the mix for a whole new adventure. ;-)

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