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So...I'm the world's worst blogger. I know, I know-it's terrible! I am going to try and get better about blogging this year. It's weird though...I don't get it. It's like a public diary I guess? IDK. Anyway, I do at least have some upcoming events to fill you in on. So here's a peak of the next few weeks...

  • January 28 - New Website Goes Live

  • February 6 - Angelic Anarchy Blog Tour Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours

  • March 7 - Beautiful Betrayal Cover Reveal Hosted by YA Bound Book Tours

  • March 7 - Beautiful Betrayal heads to the Editor The lovely Kat of KT Editing Services

  • April 4 - Beautiful Betrayal Release Day Blitz!!! Hosted by YA Bound Book Tours

  • April 5 - Beautiful Betrayal Blog Tour Hosted by YA Bound Book Tours

I've also got something brewing--It's just a little project but I'm excited about it. Hoping to have it ready by the March 7 for the Book 2 cover reveal but if not by release day for sure. I'll share more about that as I narrow down the dates.

So, there's your update. Back to writing for me now...Happy Reading folks!

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