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The Post I've Been Avoiding...

I waited so long to write this post because I dreaded saying the words out loud but I can't put if off any longer. Beautiful Betrayal is temporarily on hold--for a few months or so. Unfortunately, life happens...

In December, I had an amazing opportunity. I started a new position. It was a complete career change for me. My new job kept me extremely busy the past few months as I navigated my way through my new responsibilities.

On top of a career change I also had a series of health issues and just plain bad luck. At the beginning of April I fell down my own stairs and sprained my ankle so badly that it still swells when I stand on it. I overstretched my achilles tendon and I haven't been able to wear heals until the past two weeks when I had no choice for major work events. After months and months of health issues I finally got an answer when I was diagnosed with PCOS just a few weeks after I fell down my stairs.

Add a hubby and his business, munchkins and their sports, and everything else life tosses your way and you get one very overwhelmed JP. I am not a full-time writer. I'm a working mother and wife that writes in her free time.

The truth is I probably could have finished Beautiful Betrayal by July as planned. However, I wanted to take my time and finish it the way I want to finish it and still have plenty of time for editing and proofreading. I love this series and though I am an amateur indie author I don't want to rush through my books. I write because I enjoy it and I wouldn't have enjoyed rushing through and throwing something together.

So, for a few months, Beautiful Betrayal is on hold. I stretched myself too thin this past year. I'm going to finish my contemporary romance, Inflicting Beauty so I can stay on schedule with that one. Then, I will return to Beautiful Betrayal.

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