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Author Envy - Part III

This article from The Indie Tea blog! Totally guilty. (See link below below.) I had a love/hate relationship with all my favorite authors. Loved their work but was so jealous that they kept popping out one bestseller after another like some kind of human PEZ dispenser.

I had to remind myself that everyone starts out in different places and with different situations. I'm a mom. I have two boys in sports. I'm a wife. I have a household to run. I work full-time. I also handle all the accounting and administration for my husband's business. I'm busy. I can't always designate an hour or two everyday to write. Let's be real the laundry pile and the dishes would be getting a little out control.

I realized a few months ago that I need to stop trying to hit someone else's pace and find a pace that works for me. I'm not superwoman (shh...don't tell my husband). But I shouldn't waste the little free time I have comparing myself with bestselling authors. I'm just me and I work my butt off. I write because I love it. So, I'm just going to keep doing what I love when I can.

Click Here to Read The Indie Tea Blog - Author Envy (Part III)

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