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Results From My First Writing Contest!

Earlier this year I entered a writing contest for my debut novel, Angelic Anarchy.

I didn't win but I hadn't really expected to. I was terrified to enter because this was not a contest based on fan votes. It was based on the writing-the story as a whole-but I knew the feedback would be crucial to improving the sequel.

Last night I received my results and I was blown away. Each book was assigned to three judges. The average of the three scores would determine the final score.

My final score was 8.67 out of 10!

I have to tell you that was much higher than I expected. I'm so proud of Angelic Anarchy but the more I read the more I find areas where I can improve. I received some great feedback and constructive criticism. Now more than ever, I am looking forward to finishing book 2, Beautiful Betrayal. I'm going to implement what I learned from the feedback of this contest and the reviews. I also plan to publish a revision of Angelic Anarchy as well.

The Results:


Judge Feedback:

I love stories about angels and demons. I don’t read them often, so I was happy to get this entry. You knew where to stop a chapter to keep the reader turning the page. The story was interesting and I liked the plot, and the various types of angels and demons, such as Finders Keepers. At times, the writing disconnected me from the story.

My Comment:

This judge left so much more feedback than this. It was beyond helpful but too much to post here. He/She included specific examples of everything he/she mentioned-mostly technical errors, story flow, and etc. I found it so helpful and encouraging! All the information he/she gave me will be useful for my future works.


Judge Feedback:

I enjoyed your book. I was especially pleased to see you used scripture against the demons. I've always wondered why others didn't do that. Your characters were well developed and I grew to know them well. The battles were incredible, and the test of Belleeza's faith was totally believable. Temptation is wily and alluring, just as you portrayed it. PORTION DELETED DUE TO SPOILER but it was a pivotal point in the story that made a great transition. That stirs strong emotions in readers and helps them understand how difficult what your hero and heroine are doing is for them. Good job.

My Comment:

Awesome feedback. Deleted a bit as he/she detailed some specific key points in the story.


Judge Feedback:

Wow. Your book blew me away. I was so scared for Beleeza. Loved that DELETED DUE TO SPOILER. I was crying through parts of it.

My Comment:

Love this feedback! Deleted a bit as he/she detailed some specific key points in the story.

I am so pleased with the scores I received and the judge comments. I am proud of myself for seeing Angelic Anarchy through. There were many hurdles and many times I nearly gave up but I just couldn't let go. I will strive to improve my writing with each book. Check back for updates on book 2, Beautiful Betrayal, and my other upcoming works.

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